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Querdenker is a consultancy for project development and management in the field of corporate social responsibility and sustainable investment. As such Querdenker has issued and distributed two closed-end funds for investment in sustainable reforestation (BaumInvest and BaumInvest2). Apart from sustainable investment solutions Querdenker has recently developed another reforestation project, “VisionsWald” (VisionForest) as an innovative option for CSR-sensitive companies to contribute to reforestation and protection of tropical rain forests. (see project VisionsWald/VisionForest).


All projects developed by Querdenker GmbH are based on a so-called “three-column-model” which combines economic return, ecological added value and social benefit. The focus on reforestation projects underlines this pretension. Reforestation projects initiated by Querdenker have a strong focus on ecologic matters, such as diversity of species, organic cultivation and protection of natural reserves. All projects contribute to the protection of biodiversity and global climate and serve as an example for sustainable tropical forestry.

Business & Biodiversity Projects

VisionForest will grow on the Finca Tierras Buenas in Costa Rica. The land is partly covered with tropical rain forest. Other parts (around 200 hectares) consist of former pasture land and an abandone...
Location: Costa Rica, different european countries

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