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The Forest Finance Group is engaged in ecological afforestation in Central America and South-East Asia. Providing a wide range of sustainable forestry investment products and services for private and institutional investors, Forest Finance is always governed by the ideal to achieve an ideal symbiosis of profitable investments and ecologically meaningful activities.


By afforesting only mixed forests with a share of at least 60% of native tree species, ForestFinance forests ensure - unlike monocultures - a high degree of biodiversity. By now over 7,000 customers benefit from the sale of certified timber, high quality seeds and carbon credits.

Part of the ForestFinance Group is "CO2OL", the brand and consulting agency for corporate climate protection strategies and development of high-quality climate afforestation projects. As a specialist for carbon neutral events, meetings and hotels, CO2OL has offered coherent concepts as well as concrete solutions and products for an effective realisation of climate protection strategies since 1997 and is Europe’s market leader in the consulting and supervision sector of green events or green meetings, having realised more than 500 carbon neutral events and sold more than a million tickets for carbon neutral concerts.

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