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Precious Woods Europe BV is the leading supplier of FSC tropical hardwoods in Europe. We have our own natural forests in Brazil and Gabon, and platations in Costa Rica and Nicaragua. We also have an extensive network of FSC suppliers from South-America.

We supply about 50 different precious hardwoods. But we do more: we also process timber and we treat timber with valuable products to maintain the original quality of the product.

In coming years we would focus on more solutions for our clients in the hardwood industry.


We strongly believe that we should manage our forest in that way, that a few trees disappear, but that the forest remains! With respect for social aspects, in an economic viable manner.

Therefore we will start with importing ONLY FSC certified timbers within a few years. Currently over 70% of our sales is FSC certified.

We also develop Lesser Known Species (LKS), to use the whole range of timbers the forests supply. In that way we contribute to the biodiversity of our natural forest and we provide the market with high valuable and desired hardwoods.

We protect forests by using them in a sustainable way. Therefore we need you, as our customer. Please feel free to visit our website and to contact us!

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