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oekom research AG is one of the world's leading rating agencies and provides the crucial head start in the segment of sustainable investments. Being the partner of institutional investors and financial service providers, we develop innovative investment strategies that combine sustainability research with a high rate of return.

Our sustainability research covers share and bond issuers (companies, countries and supra-national institutions). When evaluating securities, we place a strong emphasis on quality, independence and transparency.

Since 1993, oekom research has actively helped to shape the market for sustainable investments. Our analysts are experts whose services are much in demand. Their evaluations provide companies with a critical yardstick, while at the same time acting as a stimulus for integrating environmental and social concerns into company management.


oekom research AG contributes substantially to the achievement of sustainable development with its business activity. The orientation towards the principles of sustainability is an integral component at all levels of the company’s operations.

Our ratings give companies an incentive to improve their environmental and social performance continuously. At the same time, our research provides the capital market with a tool to help investors to be better able to integrate the opportunities and risks presented by sustainable development into their investment decisions so as to achieve long-term success and to foster the sustainable development of business.

In all our activities, we try to put the basic principles of corporate responsibility into practice, especially in the way we treat our employees as an employer, and in the way we treat our clients and competitors as a market participant. We take appropriate measures to minimise the load on the environment which our business activities give rise to. Finally, as a profit-oriented company we have an obligation to our shareholders and wish to provide them with a adequate return on their capital.

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