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Triple E is an Expertise Centre specialised in the relationship between economy, ecology and the experience people gain through and from nature. Triple E develops practical solutions for positive change for the environment. We operate in partnership with governments, nature organisations, private sector and NGOs. In-depth research at an academic level on topics related to our core business is also part of our portfolio. Academic quality, combined with the speed and pragmatism of a consultancy organisation results in a powerful combination in providing advisory services and in executing projects to visualize and commercialize the economic potential of nature.

“People, planet, profit” is a leading motto in the global effort to create a sustainable economy. The Triple P philosophy combined with the Triple A standard of the financial sector forms the basis of our name and mission: Triple E is an organisation aiming at the sustainability of the Triple P and the quality of the Triple A.


Expertise Centre Triple E's activities are focussed solely on the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity. The company's activities help to make the business case for biodiversity.

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