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The cooperative REWE Group is one of the leading trade and tourism groups in Germany and Europe. In 2012, the company generated a total external turnover of approx. 50 billion euros. REWE Group, founded in 1927, operates 15,500 stores with 327,000 employees in 13 European countries. In 2012, around 226,000 employees generated turnover totalling 36 billion euros in almost 11,000 stores in Germany.
The sales lines include the supermarkets and consumer stores REWE, REWE CENTER, REWE CITY, toom and BILLA, the discounter PENNY, the toom Baumarkt DIY stores and B1 Discount Baumarkt DIY stores as well as ProMarkt consumer electronic stores. Travel and Tourism includes the tour operators ITS, Jahn Reisen, Tjaereborg, Dertour, Meier's Weltreisen and ADAC Reisen as well as the business travel division FCm Travel Solutions and some 2,100 travel agencies (e.g. Atlas Reisen, DER Reisebüro and DERPART).


Acting responsibly for the environment and society is an integral part of the corporate culture of REWE Group. Its sustainability strategy therefore includes four topics of top priority: an active and sustainable product range policy and the promotion of more sustainable products, resource and climate protection, the satisfaction, involvement and productivity of employees, and social responsibility. In Germany alone, over 40 million customers shop at REWE Group companies every week. As an interface between industry and consumers, REWE Group encourages sustainability to leave its niche and to enter the mass market.

By joining the ‘European Business and Biodiversity Campaign’, REWE Group aims to strengthen biodiversity-related communication with end consumers, employees, politicians, media and other stakeholders.
A significant objective of REWE Group’s Sustainability Strategy is to promote more sustainable consumption on a large scale and offer products with added sustainable value at attractive prices. In this context, REWE Group sees a great opportunity to develop ideas for new products and projects in addressing the issue of biodiversity.
With the PRO PLANET label, REWE Group has developed a label for more sustainable products. The PRO PLANET label identifies conventionally manufactured products that have a significantly lower impact on the environment and society during their manufacturing, processing and use. Sustainability aspects are taken into account along the product life cycle and are analysed by independent institutes with respect to relevant ecological and social hot spots. The aim is to eliminate the hot spots or to reduce their scope. This requires various measures along the product life cycle that are developed and implemented together with external experts.

The projects for maintaining biological diversity encompass, for example:
PRO PLANET apples: initiatives for a bee- and insect-friendly cultivation of fruit farms
PRO PLANET bananas: renaturation of farmland in the San San river delta in Panama
PRO PLANET wild fish: MSC certificate and use of a guide for wild fish developed specifically for REWE Group

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