Eiffage is the third-largest construction and concessions company in France and the fourth largest in Europe. The Eiffage Group designs, finances, builds and maintains facilities that enhance our everyday lives, such as road and rail infrastructure, healthcare institutions, public and private buildings and urban developments. Always one step ahead, Eiffage is building the future...
Eiffage's greatest strength is its expertise across the full spectrum of construction activities. This was a decisive factor in winning the contracts for flagship projects such as the Millau viaduct and the A65 Pau-Langon motorway, and is now enabling the Group to tackle ambitious projects such as the Bretagne - Pays de la Loire high-speed rail line and the Lille Métropole stadium.
The Eiffage Group's cohesion derives from its core values, which include a culture that values fine structures, a commitment to sustainable development, innovative flair and an employee share ownership programme stretching back more than 20 years.


Nowadays, true sustainability entails more than simply measuring criteria, however justified or even essential that may be. Sustainable development must be a core element of the Group's businesses, and Eiffage has set its sights on achieving this level of maturity.
Additional efforts must be made to effectively implement the multiple facets of sustainable development, particularly in the context of contracting processes. Even today, however, operational sustainable development is a wellspring of innovations that benefit the Group. Processes for managing environmental impacts (in particular in terms of reducing carbon emissions, waste recovery, water resource management and preserving biodiversity) and social and economic impacts underpin our expertise, quality and responsibility, providing undeniable benefits that match the corporate social responsibility policies of our customers.
A combination of regulatory requirements, requests from clients and public demand has ensured that much greater consideration is now given to issues relating to the preservation of natural habitats, plants and wildlife, with companies now vying to stand out from their competitors in this respect.
In 2009, Eiffage introduced a policy aimed at continuously enhancing its expertise in this area, both in the field (at work sites and quarries) and at each stage of the project life cycle.
Two fundamental texts signed by the Chairman – the "Biodiversity Charter" (May 2009) and the "Water and Aquatic Habitats Charter" (March 2011) – were designed to rally employees around major goals. At the end of May 2011, Eiffage officially joined the "National Biodiversity Strategy", confirming the Group's commitment shoulder-to-shoulder with the institutional authorities.

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