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Solidarity and sustainability are the cornerstones of this project. Our house is a country house that is run on green and ethical principles. Situated in a property considered the oldest of Sintra, Quinta dos Lobos that dates back to the 12st century. It has 3.5 hectares of luxurious gardens with very well preserved trees with hundreds of years old from all over the world.
We have renovated completely the house reusing the materials as much as possible. For instance we have a bathtub in the kitchen that we use as the sink; the old sink is the reception table, our walls are decorated with thrash caught on the beach, etc. We try to use permaculture principles in everything we do.
We separate all of our garbage and we purchase as many environmentally-friendly, ethical and organic products as possible.
A fantastic natural spring water supplies the house, the gardens and waters our home-grown organic vegetables. Our beliefs in sustainability and in helping one another, made us manufacture our furniture with recycled materials done by local artists with the help of third sector entities (charities, voluntary organizations and social enterprises). For example our beds are made with pallets that were provided from the local food bank and were turn into beds by an institution that works with ex-prisoners. The mattresses and other things and furniture were bought from an institution that works with ex drug addicts; the organic honey is provided by a non-profit association of Chinese traditional medicine and healthy activities, etc. We support an institution that works with disabled children. We try to use as our suppliers predominantly those third sector entities and preferentially local ones. We also strongly support the Transition Network. Transition Network supports community-led responses to climate change and shrinking supplies of cheap energy, building resilience and happiness. Our food is fresh, seasonal, local, some from our kitchen garden, organic and from sustainable sources.
We also always recommend for our guests local places such as restaurants or shops that we and local people use. We want our guest to feel they are part of our family. We want them to be part of our community.

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