Industrieverband Steine und Erden Baden-Württemberg e.V.(ISTE)


The Industry Association of Industrial Minerals and Aggregates („Industrieverband Steine und Erden“ – „ISTE“) represents and supports the member’s interests in topics like resource management, environmental policy, economy and technology as an economic association. The partners are the state government, the parliament, the authorities in all administrative levels and the general public.
As an employer association ISTE represents the member’s socio-political motives, in collaboration with trade unions. Furthermore, ISTE is a party to a wage agreement of the trade unions.

ISTE contains the following professional groups:

- Concrete and finished building materials
- Gypsum
- Lime
- Lightweight panels
- Grout
- Natural Stone
- Recycling building materials
- Sand and gravel
- Stoneware
- Ready-mix concrete
- Cement
…and other companies of the non-energy extractive industry


The products of the non-energy extractive industry are gained and converted near to the places of use. It has to be mentioned that quarries are important habitats which become more and more rare. There you can find habitats for several kinds of animals and plants which nearly do not exist anymore outside the quarries and gravel pits.
The non-energy extractive industry is aware of its responsibility concerning this matter and supports the protection of species in order to maintain them.
ISTE and its member companies are especially engaged in preservation and boosting of the biodiversity in quarries.
An important point of this engagement is the cooperation between ISTE and the nature conservancy.
In 2000 a corporate contract between ISTE and NABU, the association of nature protection of Baden-Württemberg, was signed. The corporate contract demonstrates that economics, ecology and social requests are able to get harmonized in the non-energy extractive industry. It has also been an example for other states to create similar contracts.
In 2004 NABU, the federal association of the non-energy extractive industry and the partners of the trade unions signed the first corporate contract between the associations on federal level. The relaunch of this contract is currently in progress.

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