Esali 'Slow Agriculture, Innovative Industry' system

Project summary

The company Esali Alimentación S.L. was established in 2013 in Málaga (Spain). Globalization of agricultural production threatens both tangible and intangible heritage linked to biodiversity and rural culture, while contributing to the deepening of the current crisis.

The Esali 'Slow Agriculture, Innovative Industry' system proposes an alternative structure for the management and sustainability of agro-ecosystems, and poses pioneering approaches for rural development.

Motivation, objectives and target groups

The 'Slow Agriculture, Innovative Industry' system is based on the recovery of biodiversity and socio-cultural forms of peasant organization, along with innovative eco-efficient industrial processing

Esali understands the agro-production chain as an instrument for fighting against the principles of food sovereignty.


The Andalusian region produces a large fruit and vegetable variety thanks to the endemic climate and soil composition. Therefore, Esali is undertaking, for the first time in history, the introduction of innovatively processed Andalusian varieties in the international market. This action is being implemented with historical labels, a pioneering annex that transports customers to ancient civilizations from the hand of farmers that understand and respect the fragile balance of nature. Protecting Andalusian agro-biodiversity is just as important to us as it is economic, social and cultural sustainability. This is our commitment to society and the planet.

Project results

In 2014, after an exhaustive R&D process conducted together with universities and international research centers, Esali presented the brand ‘MORÁ Purple Carrot from Cuevas Bajas®’. This brand includes the development and commercialization of a range of products from the genuine Cuevas Bajas purple carrot Daucus carota ssp. sativus var. Autrorubens, through various processing ranging from traditional preparations such as jam or juice, up to the revolutionary dehydrating DIC process (Instant Controlled Pressure Drop).

Countries affected

Austria Belgium Bulgaria Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland France Germany Greece Hungary Ireland Italy Lithuania Luxembourg Netherlands Poland Portugal Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden United Kingdom

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