Project summary

VisionForest will grow on the Finca Tierras Buenas in Costa Rica. The land is partly covered with tropical rain forest. Other parts (around 200 hectares) consist of former pasture land and an abandoned coconut plantation.
This area now is to be reforested for the most part (70%) with a near-natural mixture of domestic forest species, taking special account of rare and endangered species. The newly growing forest is going to be managed by means of agro-forestry systems and selective harvesting of timber, always according to strict standards of sustainable forestry.
On the other parts (30%) it is planned to realize additional projects in sustainable agriculture, processing of products and renewable energies.
Reforestation and management of the forest follow the criteria for economic and ecological sustainability of the CarbonFix Standard and will periodically be supervised by independent institutions.
The project is to be financed through companies that contribute financial means to reforestation of a defined area and receive in return certified carbon credits.

Motivation, objectives and target groups

VisionForest is an entrepreneurial pilot project whose purpose is to demonstrate that it is possible to overcome contradictions between ecology and economy in tropical forestry. In VisionForest we elaborate and practice ways and means to enable humans and forests to live together in mutual dependency and for mutual benefit.
Main obejctives are reforestation and protection of tropical rainforest in an ecologically and economically sustainable way.
Furthermore VisionForest shall generate income for and together with local communities by inititating projects in the field of agroforestry, sustainable agriculture, precessing of products and renewable energies.


- Acquisition of Land
- Preparation of ground and infrastructure
- inventory of local tree sprecies and elaboration of forestry management plan
- establishment of tree nursery and planting
- long-term maintenance of forests
- planning and realization of projects in agroforestry, agriculture and renewable energies
- preparation and organization of certification process according to CarbonFix Standard
- fundraising among german and european companies

Project results

In Costa Rica: We have already found and acquired an adequate piece of land for the project: The Finca Tierras Buenas in Costa Rica (see above). Tierras Buenas lies in a very remote and rural part of Costa Rica and had been abandoned for the last 15 years. 2010 was dedicated to the reconstruction of the run-down infrastructure such as restoration of bridges and roads and reconstruction of a house for the caretakers’ family.
Additionally the whole terrain has been measured, calibrated and mapped. We have made an inventory of existing tree species and elaborated a forestry management plan.
Finally we prepared the space for the tree nursery, which will soon be established here.
In Germany/Europe: We have successfully started fundraising activities. Four Companies participate as cutting-edge partners. Altogether they finance the reforestation of 30 hectares of Vision Forest and will serve as testimonials for future fundraising.

Countries affected

Germany Costa Rica, different european countries


50 years


2 Mio Euro


Globetrotter Ausrüstung

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