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Project summary

The environmental program of Volkswagen Leasing enables fleet owners to protect the environment and combat climate change and reduce costs at the same time. Fleet managers who choose the most efficient products of the Volkswagen Group (Volkswagen BlueMotion, Audi e-Model, Skoda GreenLine, Seat Ecomotive) are automatically included in the environmental program. For each of these cars, Volkswagen Leasing makes a donation to nature conservancy NABU. One hundred percent of the money is used for projects that protect nature and climate.

Motivation, objectives and target groups

Consumer goods' impacts and externalities are not limited to the product manufacturing phase; the way a product is used or consumed can also represent an important share of a product's environmental impact.
Consequently, consumer education plays a major role in reducing environmental impacts stemming from product consumption. To respond to this issue, Volkswagen has launched an educational program in Germany on fuel-savings, so that consumers can reduce their ecological footprint while reducing their fuel bill.

Burning fossil fuels is not only one of the key factors of climate change, it also indirectly affects biodiversity. Therefore, car manufacturer Volkswagen has developed a program aiming not only to encourage customers to purchase fuel efficient cars but also to reduce their CO2 emissions through appropriate driving behaviours.
The "BlueMotion" project was started in 2010 and will be continued as long as there is customer demand. Its targets are to directly reduce CO2 emissions and to mitigate indirect biodiversity impacts.


Volkswagen has focused its program on its leasing activities, identified as having a great potential for reducing CO2 emissions. Together with NABU, a German member of BirdLife International, Volkswagen gives its business customers the opportunity to save costs while reducing their environmental impacts:
• Contractors leasing Blue-Motion-vehicles have fuel-saving training for their drivers and software for environmentally-friendly fleet management.
• The fleet with the highest reduction results is offered a reward by Volkswagen Leasing: The "Green Fleet 2010" Award is endowed with up to €50,000, benefiting climate-protection projects.
Many fleet owners have green purchasing guidelines and therefore the Blue-Motion program offers them a choice of cars fitting those guidelines. In addition, the package combining the cars plus the eco-drive training provides consumers with an integrated solution, which can reduce operational costs long term thanks to fuel savings.

Project results

This project, while offering Volkswagen new market and product opportunities, reduces customer impacts on climate change and ecosystems and provides an answer to sustainable procurement policies of its customers.

Countries affected



started in 2010




Naturschutzbund Deutschland (German member of BirdLife International)

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