Biodiversity protection Taita Hills

Project summary

Due to the effect of global climate change, drought combined with bush fires and overgrazing by large herbivores (in particular elephants), many originally forested regions in Kenya have developed into a semi-desert bush and grass savannah.

Motivation, objectives and target groups

Sub-project A. Reforestation
An area of 25 hectares in Taita Hills Sanctuary will be reforested and large herbivores excluded. Tree nurseries have been established in the neighbouring Msorongo and Mwashuma communities. They supply the saplings. Reforestation helps conserve the ecosystem and biodiversity and contributes to the livelihood of the local population.

Project results

- Regenerating biodiversity through afforestation
- Involving people in nearby communities in afforestation and sapling cultivation, creating new jobs in tree nurseries
- Awareness-raising in nearby communities, e.g. through setting up Wildlife Clubs

Countries affected

Kenya, Taita Hills


2 years




Friends of Tsavo Charitable Trust

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