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forum CSR International is a platform for all those who take responsibility for a sustainable development in business, politics, sciences and consumption. forum is featuring a wide variety of discussions about biodiversity and sustainable development.

Among central CSR issues we report on challenges and solutions for biodiversity, sustainable resource security, sustainable forestry, eco tourism, climate change, renewable energies, carbon management, green building, communities, mobility, green IT, human resource management, green money, globalization and CSR. We present outstanding pioneers and Think Tanks, associations and NGOs. Together we shed light on the link between competitive advantage and biodiversity, explore mega trends and the future of sustainable development and CSR.

Motivation, objectives and target groups

With the publication of business and biodiversity news, companies, politics and media should pay attention on this issue and be encouraged to follow pioneer companies example.

"With FORUM CSR International we want to create a gathering place, where all of those come together who see the sustainable use of our resources as crucial for sustainable business. Our goal is an active exchange between companies, science and consumers," said Fritz Lietsch, Managing Director of ALTOP-Publishing House.

Set in an attractive presentation and a high circulation (10,000 copies) FORUM CSR International reach a wide readership. Additional coverage is achieved via the internet presence: with you may find the contents of the magazine, the latest news , Literature and surfing tips, and events on business and biodiversity.


Celebrating the International Year on Biodiversity, Germany's top business magazine forum CSR International published a special issue "The Business Case for Biodiversity".

Reading the articles will enable you to...
- find out why Europe's Commissioner for the Environment Janez Potočnik locates the crisis of biodiversity on the same level of the business agenda as climate change
- explore the business case for biodiversity together with IUCNs chief economist Sebastian Winkler (Senior European Policy Advisor, IUCN)
- understand why James Griffiths (Managing Director, WBCSD) believes that making a business case for corporate action on ecosystems makes so much sense to businesses of all sizes and kind.

More information you may find here.

Project results

In May 2008, Forum CSR International celebrated its market introduction on the Global Reporting Initiative Conference in Amsterdam. The international edition reports on the increasingly European and global news on business and biodiversity.

The forum CSR International magazine is published by Altop Publishing House and has a circulation of 10000 copies.

Countries affected

Austria Belgium Bulgaria Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland France Germany Greece Hungary Ireland Italy Lithuania Luxembourg Netherlands Poland Portugal Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden United Kingdom



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