Recreation Entrepreneurs on the Dutch Isle of Texel Have Chosen for Nature

At a symposium for the hosts of the National Park Dunes of Texel on November 8, 2012 the recreation entrepreneurs have shown clearly how important the National Park is to them. At this first Landscape Auction for Texel, organised by IVN, a Dutch organisation for nature education, in association with Triple E, Texel’s entrepreneurs have ordered generously on a variety of interesting experiences and books which were brought up by auction for the benefit of the recreational infrastructure of the National Park.

Tom Bade, Triple E, guided through the landscape
auction on the Dutch Isle of Texel.
Photo: Triple E

Munich/Arnhem, 11 December 2012: Under the guidance of the auctioneer Tom Bade more than 6,400 euro were brought together: a beautiful first step for a new form of financing of nature and landscape on the isle of Texel.
In the Landscape auction catalogue you find the auction items. Most of them made money for the important cycle path that will make more people aware of the beauty and biodiversity. This was the big wish of the companies around the park. In the meantime the renovation of the cycling path in the dunes of Texel has started thanks to the Landscape Auction.
More information in the newspaper of Texel, November 13th 2012.
Simone Blok
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