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If biodiversity is your business ... if your business has already integrated biodiversity into its processes and management or plans to do so - then don't hesitate to join the European Business & Biodiversity Campaign!

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Ecological connectivity is crucial for sustainable
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Every business is different and needs to deal with biodiversity in a specific way. How your business can contribute best to the protection of biological diversity and our natural resources, how your company will integrate biodiversity into the processes and management of your company, depends on its size, the business sector you operate in and other individual circumstances. Practical examples can help to demonstrate the specific challenges and opportunities other companies face and serve as an inspiration for your peers.

We are looking forward to your case studies: Let everyone see that biodiversity is your business!

The case studies presented by you will showcase immediately in our case study section. To present your biodiversity projects and activities now, please register here.
You have also the opportunity to fill out the case study form. Please send the form to the email address provided in the document. You can find the document here.

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