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There are many ways in which companies can get active in the European Business and Biodiversity Campaign to integrate biodiversity into its operations. Regardless of the size or the degree of biodiversity integration, the European Business and Biodiversity Campaign can assist.

Access and Benefit Sharing

The Access to genetic Ressources and the fair and equitable sharing of Benefits arising from their utilization is briefly called "Access and Benefit sharing" (ABS). A video explains it briefly.

Natural Capital Accounting

Neither benefits nor costs are adequately reflected in corporate accounting like the balance sheet or the consolidated profit and loss account. The economic valuation of natural capital is the key instrument to change this.

Biodiversity Check

Assess your company’s dependency and impacts on biodiversity by performing the Biodiversity Check. Learn more about how to perform a Biodiversity Check and its structure.

Greening of Company Premises

Companies of all branches depend on biodiversity. By greening their company premises they create additional habitats in urban areas for flora and fauna and therefore make a contribution to protect the local biodiversity.

Food industry & Biodiversity

The Food industry and the food trade have a significant impact on biodiversity. The aim of this project is to anchor the conservation of biodiversity and its components in standards and quality seals of the food industry.

Tourism & Biodiversity

This section especially addresses the providers of standards and awards for sustainable tourism. By integrating biodiversity aspects in current tourism CSR processes the protection of biodiversity should increase.

Community & Network

See how other companies profited from protecting biodiversity and avoided risks by integrating biodiversity in their business. Find and connect with biodiversity experts and organisations

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A Simple Explanation of Business & Biodiversity!

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