First Landscape Auction at SusCon 2010 Conference in Nuremberg

Over 1000 Euros raised for conservation in an exemplary conference session on innovative financing schemes.

Landscape Auction - An investment tool for nature

At a Landscape Auction you place a bid for biodiversity and landscape elements on offer. Triple E developed the Landscape Auction to meet a current discrepancy between a shortage of capital to sufficiently protect biodiversity on the one hand, and the willingness of others to contribute to safeguarding our natural environment.

Landscape Auctions are open for anyone interested from multinationals to schools, and from individuals to service clubs, offering a chance to place a bid for the landscape of their liking. What is different from conventional auctions is that a successful bidder does not become the owner of the landscape element. You have supported the management and preservation costs of this particular element. Whether a hectare of rainforest, the habitat of a jaguar, an orchard, the river course for a sweet water dolphin: you support what you find important and would like to see protected. The

Landscape Auction is a marketplace. It connects nature organisations and farmers responsible for the maintenance of our landscape, biological diversity and (cultural) heritage that are in need for financial support with other parties interested to financially support the conservation, restoration and/or sustainable use of particular landscape elements. A Landscape Auction offers you the unique opportunity to support what you consider valuable.

Companies and Corporate Social Responsibility

Landscape Auctions are distinct in the sense that they offer a unique time-saving and tangible marketplace where biodiversity and landscape elements can be ‘bought’. It is a flexible mechanism to serve the many motivations behind acting responsibly, in a transparent, direct and positive way. Profiting from a large network, Triple E is well connected with a range of local conservation organizations, NGOs and businesses, making it possible to offer landscape and biodiversity elements from specific geographic regions where buyers have special interest in or with which they are closely connected. Need to meet CSR expectations? Time to make a statement? Celebration or Christmas event, and looking for a gift that is both sustainable and original? Either way, Landscape Auctions are a proven and successful mechanism to bring together stakeholders that want to make that contribution.


Any questions? Interested to organise a Landscape Auction as a company or nature organisation? Do you own a beautiful piece of land and are you looking for financial support for the maintenance? Or interested to participate in a Landscape Auction?

For further information, please contact:  Daan Wensing, Triple E, Netherlands

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