Biodiversity-based innovation in the European Union

Key elements and practical implications of EU regulation 511/2014 - The EU Regulation implements the Nagoya Protocol. Its focus is on ensuring that companies and other organisations conducting R&D in the European Union monitor and comply with ABS rules in the country where the plant or other biological material or its derived substances come from.

5th of July 2016

When does the EU regulation on ABS apply?

The EU regulation on ABS applies to companies involved in the "utilisation of genetic resources". This term is defined as: conducting R&D on the genetic and/or biochemical composition of genetic resources. In 2016, the European Commission is set to provide guidance on the activities that fall within and outside the "utilisation of genetic resources". For now, there are no specific parameters. However, some R&D activities in food, cosmetics and natural pharmaceuticals are more likely to fall within this definition.

This note summarises and illustrates the scope and obligations of the EU regulation.

Tags: Biodiversity policy | Health Care and pharmaceuticals

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