Expert Round Table "Biodiversity in standards and (environmental) management systems"

The Expert Roundtable took place on 9th of November 2015 in Brussels, Belgium. Various Experts from ENGOs, the EC and standardisation institutes gave brief inputs on the current situation and experiences so far regarding the integration of biodiversity/natural capital/ecosystem services into standards, environmental management systems and other certification systems.

Berlin/Bonn January 2016

There is an increasing number of studies, instruments and guidelines available for companies and organizations. But practical instruments and advice are still rare. Parallel to the elaboration of the guideline "ISO management systems and the protection of biological diversity” in Germany, the British Standards Institution published the Guidance "Biodiversity Guidance for businesses on managing the risks and opportunities”.

Biodiversity –including ecosystems and ecosystem services –is a complex issue and not possible to measure with one indicator such as CO˛ for climate change. Furthermore, the effects that companies and other organizations have on biodiversity are different from each economic sector to the other and often the most important impacts are related to raw material and the supply chain. In the Guidelines "ISO management systemsand the protection of biological diversity”, cross sectoral criteria and key data /indicators have been identified.

LCF and Global Nature Fund have been involved in initiatives to elaborate recommendations for biodiversity criteria for standards and labels in the food sector and in the tourism sector. The European extractive industry agreed on a basic set of biodiversity criteria and indicators. Fraunhofer Institut realized a first approach to include biodiversity into the Life Cycle Assessment.

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