Access and Benefit Sharing and its importance to business: CBD's Business.2020 magazine current edition's focus.

On 9th of November, the EU commission's implementing regulation on Access to Genetic Resources and the Fair and Equitable Sharing of Benefits entered into force. The current edition of the Business.2020 news magazines focuses on Access and Benefits Sharing and its importance to business.

Bonn, 9th of November 2015

Almost simultanously with the entering into force of the EU-Implementing Regulation the Secretariat of the Conventionon Biological Diversity (CBD) issued their Business.2020 magazine focussing on Access and Benefit Sharing for Business.

11 articles written by renowned ABS-Experts from all over the world aim to help companies to better understand the provisions, opportunities and obligations inherent in the Nagoya Protocol.

Table of content:
  • The Nagoya Protocol and the business community
  • Implementing the Nagoya Protocol in the European Union: State of play, challenges and opportunities
  • Nagoya Protocol and ABS regulation in Brazil: The view of Brazilian industry
  • ABS implementation in Japan: Guidelines and complementary tools for the transitional period under the Nagoya Protocol
  • Helping businesses implement the Nagoya Protocol
  • Feature Interview: Suhel al-Janabi, Co-Manager, ABS Capacity Development Initiative and, Tobias Dierks, Communication and Knowledge Management, ABS Capacity Development Initiative
  • The Nagoya Protocol and the potential of BioTrade as a vehicle to promote ABS compliant value chains
  • Putting ABS in practice: Approaches and experiences in the ethical sourcing of biodiversity
  • Using ABS in Africa to create positive opportunities for social, environmental and economic impacts
  • Community protocols: Bridging the stakeholder divide
  • Biodiversity, business and the challenges for indigenous peoples
The magazine can be found on the CBD website:
Business.2020, Vol. 10, Issue 1, November 2015

Tags: Biodiversity Management | Biodiversity policy | Supply Chain Management

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