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Welcome to the European Business and Biodiversity Campaign!

The European Business and Biodiversity Campaign was initiated by a consortium of European NGOs and companies lead and coordinated by the Global Nature Fund in order to strengthen private sector commitment for biodiversity and ecosystem services. The campaign is supported by the European Union Life+ Programme.

The Campaign - what's in it for your business?

The European Business and Biodiversity Campaign aims to:

Historic Agreement establishes the new Intergovernmental Science Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) © UNEP, June 2010Be informed. Get connected

Providing high-quality and up-to-date news, figures and facts as well as the latest and most important trends around business and biodiversity to decision-makers is an essential part of the European Business and Biodiversity Campaign.

This website includes media and online tools facilitating the sharing of biodiversity related experiences, information on innovative business practices as well as supporting the creation of new pro-biodiversity business-NGOs, cross-sectoral or international partnerships.

Target region are all EU member states, with special emphasis on Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Spain.

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Professionals can submit their own profiles as well as information on the biodiversity related activities and projects of their company or organisation to the campaigns web community for free. Submitted business and biodiversity projects will immediately showcase in the Case Study section. Please register here!

Participate in our Biodiversity Check!

The Biodiversity Checks that were developed by our Campaign can assist with integrating biodiversity aspects into your company’s strategy. The Checks help to identify the impacts and dependency on natural resources and ecosystem services. Further information concerning Biodiversity Checks you may find here.


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