The Business Case for Biodiversity

Biodiversity is your business – because it's everyone's business

The Business Case

Around 40% of the world economy is based on biological products or processes. Companies thus profit directly or indirectly from the variety of intact ecosystems, the diversity of species and the genetic biodiversity in the extraction of raw materials and their production, as well as in the distribution and the marketing of products. At the same time, the loss of biological diversity – for example due to a shortage of natural resources – is a risk for corporate success. In addition to that, businesses lose their blue prints for innovative products and services offered by natural ecosystems that could prove highly profitable.

If corporations manage their biodiversity-related risks effectively, they may benefit from a competitive advantage in accessing resources, capital and markets. Furthermore, companies that go beyond expectations and regulations, or that exploit the increasing market for "greener” products and services, may benefit from first mover advantage.

More information on the opportunities of biodiversity management can be found here.

More information on business risks can be found here.

Key Messages

  • A company's dependence on biodiversity and ecosystem services are manifold and often not evident.
  • Taking biodiversity into account helps mitigating the corporate risks and opening up opportunities

Here you find useful links to relevant reports and studies, methods and tools to find out more on the business case for biodiversity.

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A Simple Explanation of Business & Biodiversity!

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