New BBOP Publication: Standard on Biodiversity Offsetting

The Business and Biodiversity Offset Programme (BBOP) has published a standard on biodiversity offsetting. The "Standard on Biodiversity Offsets” addresses the needs of auditors, project developers, conservation groups, communities, governments as well as financial institutions that wish to assess biodiversity offsets against the BBOP Principles, Criteria and Indicators.

25/01/2012 - The new standard document helps to determine whether an offset has been designed and implemented in accordance with the BBOP Principles. BBOP agreed its ten Principles in 2009, and this standard is presented as a hierarchy of Principles, Criteria and Indicators (PCI): an architecture similar to that used in a number of other standards.

The different Criteria and Indicators are an essential part of the whole Standard, and all need to be met for a biodiversity offset to meet the Standard. The issue of conformance with the PCI (what is needed to ‘meet the Standard’) will be further refined based on experience of using the standard.

Biodiversity offsets are measurable conservation outcomes resulting from actions designed to compensate for residual adverse biodiversity impacts arising from project development after appropriate prevention and mitigation measures have been taken. The biodiversity offsets approach seeks to achieve the so called  "no net loss” goal or even a "net gain” of biodiversity on the ground with respect to species composition, habitat structure, ecosystem function as well as people’s use and cultural values associated with biodiversity and ecosystem services.

During the next phase of its work, BBOP will collaborate with more individuals and organisations around the world, continually to refine the Standard based on experience and practice, and to learn from a wide range of experiences with biodiversity offsets in a variety of industry sectors and geographical areas.

The "Standard on Biodiversity Offsets” can be downloaded here.

For further information on biodiversity offsetting please visit the website of the BBOP.

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