New Sustainability Champions: WEF Report Redefining the Future of Growth

Two member companies of the ‘Biodiversity in Good Company’ Initiative, Native (Balbo Group) and Natura, both from Brazil, were chosen as “sustainability champions” in a report recently published by the World Economic Forum. The report Redefining the Future of Growth: The New Sustainability Champions, prepared with The Boston Consulting Group (BCG), highlights innovative business practices from companies originating and operating in emerging markets.

By focusing on a group of 16 exemplary companies called the New Sustainability Champions, the report shows how those businesses create unconventional and profitable solutions that positively impact economic growth and enhance overall sustainability in their regions.

Taking into account criteria covering sustainability, innovation, scalability, geography and size, the World Economic Forum and BCG analysed over 1,000 businesses in the preparation of this report and identified 16 fast-growth companies that share a unique mindset and set of practices. The report contains valuable insights that can help business leaders better balance economic growth with responsible stewardship of Earth's resources.

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