New Baseline Report 2014: Biodiversity in Standards and Quality Labels of the Food Industry

The Lake Constance Foundation and the Global Nature Fund have checked 19 national and international standards and labels for the food industry in their study. The focus of the research was the question how far the existing biodiversity criteria really tackle the critical points and where urgent action in the development of the labels and standards is needed.

So far, the standards of the food sector have not been systematically tested yet, if and how biodiversity is taken in account in the cultivation of raw materials and livestock. In a first step 19 labels were tested with regard to biodiversity. The results were recorded in a baseline report and will be used as the basis for recommendations for standards. In the next step, the recommendations are drawn up together with the standards. As a result of the study the main findings make statements regarding the use of terms of biodiversity, the scope of standards, the effects on biodiversity and the monitoring of the standards.

Main findings:

More information:

Baseline Report 2014: Biodiversity Criteria in Standards and Quality Labels for the Food Industry.

Homepage: Biodiversity in Standards of the Food Industry (only available in German)

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