Launch of the Cross Sector Biodiversity Initiative (CSBI) Timeline Tool

The CSBI has launched a Timeline Tool designed to assist project planning in the extractives industries to better align project development, biodiversity impact management, and financial timelines and milestones.

27 January 2014

The tool provides a roadmap that helps to identify critical milestones and interdependencies between project development and financing timelines. It identifies actions required to apply the mitigation hierarchy to effectively address potential impacts as early as possible in the project life-cycle. Furthermore, it raises awareness and highlights sensitivities and operational challenges associated with biodiversity impact mitigation and can be used as an internal capacity building resource or communications tool as it supports the work of a variety of functions in project planning and execution Download the timeline tool.

The CSBI is a partnership between IPIECA, the International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM), and the Equator Principles Association. The initiative aims to develop and share good practices for the effective application of the new International Finance Corporation (IFC) Performance Standard 6 on Biodiversity Conservation and the Sustainable Management of Living Natural Resources. The aim of the CSBI is to bring together industry in order to share experiences as part of a culture of learning and continuous improvement.

Timeline Tool (PDF in english)

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