Bioscience at a Crossroads-Access and Benefit Sharing in a Time of Scientific, Technological and Industry Change: Bioscience at a Crossroads. The Cosmetics Sector

This brief provides an overview of the industry, summarizes key market and R&D trends, and analyses the implications of these trends for governments and companies who are involved in ABS activities and in the implementation of the Nagoya Protocol.

CBD, 2013

Many cosmetic and personal care products contain multiple ingredients from natural sources, most of which are well known and do not contain active compounds.

Some companies, however, are involved in as research-intensive activities to identify interesting biochemical properties. Cosmetics and personal care companies have a long and significant interest in natural products, and what was once a fringe part of the industry is now mainstream and still growing.

Nonetheless, natural ingredients still represent only about 6% of the overall market. The trend towards use of natural ingredients is not confined to the more pure "natural cosmetics” component of the market, but is now also widespread in conventional cosmetics, including those that are "nature-inspired”. Such products incorporate a wide range of plant-based materials including oils, fats and waxes, essential oils and oleoresins, plant extracts and colourant.

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