Eco4Biz – Ecosystem services and biodiversity tools to support business decision-making

The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) launched an interactive report to give companies a structured overview of existing tools and approaches for biodiversity and ecosystem services evaluation.

Montreux/Bonn, April 17 2013:
Just how a company assesses, measures and values the natural resources it relies on every day can have major impacts on its bottom line, and presents significant opportunities for improving sustainability outcomes, according to a new report released by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD).

The study does not included detailed description of  important tools such as the Biodiversity Check or EcoMetrix as there are costs involved for the companies working with these tools. But it states that "these can be extremely effective and have been tested by companies”.  In the case of the Biodiversity Check 30 companies from different sectors – including large enterprises such as Daimler, Iberdrola, TUI and Evonik and SMEs such as VAUDE, Almaa Sintra Hostel – have assessed their impacts on biodiversity with the aim to mitigate these impacts and to sustainably use biodiversity and ecosystem services.  

The Eco4Biz report features a decision tree, composed of two questions corporate managers might ask themselves:

- At what scale would you like to carry out an assessment, i.e. global, landscape (including individual site and portfolio of sites), or product level?

- What outputs would best support your decision-making, e.g. a map (including supporting reports), a quantitative value, or a score showing priority areas?

Tools are identified as primarily focusing on either ecosystem services (such as provisioning, regulating and cultural services), or biodiversity. The toolkit will be updated on a regular basis to keep pace with developments as more companies proactively measure, manage and mitigate their impact and dependence on nature.

The overview of existing tools and approaches helps companies answer questions such as:

Which tool(s) exist for us to assess our impact and dependence on nature?

Which tool(s) quantify, or value our impact and dependence on nature/natural capital?

Which tool(s) provide maps?

Which companies have already used, or tried out, these tools?

Who are the tool developers

The interactive PDF offers the opportunity to quickly click through to the tool that might be of most interest.

The interactive tool and the print version can be downloaded here.

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