Private Sector Uptake of Ecosystem Services Concepts and Frameworks

Thirty-five companies now mention ecosystem services in publicly available materials. Corporate engagement with the issue is clearly on the rise. This report offers the first opportunity to review corporate engagement with ecosystem services around the world.

San Francisco, 25 March 2013: With thirty-five companies now publicly naming ecosystem services in corporate communications, it is clear that business leaders are beginning to perceive that the issue is important. Corporate work on ecosystem services covers a wide spectrum. Some companies have crafted corporate policies of no net, or net positive, impact on ecosystems or ecosystem services. Other businesses are exploring the issue and pilot testing analytical tools. Yet, others simply state that they recognize the importance of ecosystem services.
This report offers the world's first summary of emerging trends associated with corporate uptake of ecosystem services concepts. It is based on BSR's primary research, as detailed in the appendices. It is noteworthy that this report does not provide information about verifying or validating corporate claims. Rather, it documents how companies are describing their work on ecosystem services—in their own words. In this sense, it offers a snapshot of how companies are describing initiatives on ecosystem services and what trends BSR perceives based on this self-reporting, as well as our ongoing research. As an output from BSR's Ecosystem Services Working Group (ESWG), this report responds to corporate members' requests for BSR to provide an understanding of the private sector's current activity on this issue. It draws on insights from 2011 and 2012 research by BSR's ESWG, as described in the research methods section in the appendices. Our intent is to offer new intelligence on the state of play around corporate engagement with ecosystem services concepts around the world.
You can download the report here.
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