The Biodiversity Footprint Guidebook - Methodology to Integrate Nature into Your Accounting and Reporting Systems

Synergiz, in partnership with Natureparif, have recently published the methodological principles of the Biodiversity Footprint, an accounting tool which allows any organisation to quantify its dependencies and impacts on biodiversity, for three different scopes.

Paris, 14 March 2013: This guidebook, written by Joël Houdet, includes the process and scorecard to assess the Biodiversity Footprint and performance of your organisation’s operations, in both space and time, through the accounting of its dependencies and impacts on ecosystem services (using the Common International Classification of Ecosystem Services - CICES). Choosing this "ecosystem services approach” aims to cover all ecosystem uses, including those involving abiotic components such as renewable energies. Furthermore, considering ecosystem services allows companies to link different environmental issues such as climate change (GHG emissions), water, and energy within the scope of their business activities.

This guide also explains how to use the Biodiversity Footprint methodology for different purposes (a product, a service, a plant, a process or a whole activity), especially how to disclose annually the Biodiversity Footprint and performance of your organisation to its stakeholders. In doing so, it explains the synergies between the main business accounting systems – financial accounting, sustainability reporting and integrated reporting – so as to make the most of data sets produced by your Biodiversity Footprint assessment.

By explaining the methodological principles to build integrated financial – sustainability accounting systems, this book goes even further by offering organisations the tools to start to quantify the ecological impacts of their strategic choices and the associated accounting journal entries.  

The guide is composed of three chapters:

A "user club” has contributed to the development of the Biodiversity Footprint. Among its members were sustainability practitioners, financial accountants and auditors, CSR rating practitioners, biodiversity specialists and representative of corporate members of Natureparif.

The next phases of the project include the development of data collection tools for organisations and the pilot-testing the Biodiversity Footprint methodology in partnership with both companies and public institutions.

You can download the the Powerpoint presentation of the launch of the guide by Joël Houdet here (in French).

Published by Victoires Editions.

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