Report „Hidden Impacts: How Europe's Resource Overconsumption Promotes Global Land Conflicts”

Friends of the Earth (FoE) has released a report that points out the inter-linkages between Europe's material use and related land requirements. The focus of this report is on Europe and its role as a major user of global land resources.

Vienna 12 March 2013: Europe is heavily dependent on land from other countries, in particular China and India, making it the world's most land import-dependent continent. A total of 40 % (120 mio hectares) of land consumed by Europe every year is sourced from outside of its boundaries; this is the equivalent of about the size of Scandinavia. The countries with the highest absolute land imports are Germany with around 26 million ha and the UK with around 23 million ha.
Through demonstrating the inter-linkages, the report highlights the very urgent need to scale down our excessive consumption of this resource in the interests of maintaining the regenerative capacity of the biosphere, as well as conserving resources for future generations.
You can download the report here.
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