BSR: Global Public Sector Trends in Ecosystem Services, 2009-2012

Ecosystem services are gaining the attention of government officials around the world. From 2009 through 2012, BSR has documented a wide and growing range of public-sector activities related to the issue.

San Francisco, 7 February 2013: Given the breadth and growing depth of public-sector work on ecosystem services, it is increasingly clear that it now has the potential to shape future policy and regulations as well as government expectations of the private sector.
This document was developed to help businesspeople track the public sector's uptake of ecosystem services concepts around the world. It is based on four years of research by BSR's Ecosystem Services Working Group. The insights in this report are especially relevant to companies that have crafted, or are crafting, internal policies on biodiversity and ecosystem services.
The questions that BSR has asked in their research over the past four years include:

Their research clearly shows that public-sector exploration of ecosystem services concepts is on the rise globally. It is not surprising, therefore, that public-sector funds are increasingly available to define, measure, and map ecosystem services, as well as apply the concepts in decision-making processes. BSR anticipates that such activity will continue to expand in the coming years.

Download the report here.
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