BSR Report on the Current "State of Play" of Ecosystem Services Tools

BSR has developed this report "Measuring and Managing Corporate Performance in an Era of Expanded Disclosure: A Review of the Emerging Domain of Ecosystem Services Tools" to assist business people who are asking questions about ecosystem services. It is intended to help corporate decision-makers understand and assess the current state of play within the ecosystem services tool landscape.

San Francisco, 31 January 2013: Is your company measuring its impacts and dependencies on ecosystem services? Will there be requests for disclosure of this information in the coming years? If so, what measures should be used? What analytical approaches are credible? Which tools have been independently verified and validated for assessing corporate ecosystem services impacts and dependencies?
The report offers a unique view of the full suite of current tools, highlights opportunities and challenges for their use in the private sector, and lays out ways forward for piloting, verifying, and validating ecosystem services tools.
You can download the report here.
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