Ecosystem Marketplace Released a Report about the Rising Importance of Watershed Payments

The report about the State of Watershed Payments 2012 is the second instalment in the “State of Watershed Payments” series, an effort to globally track the size, scope, and direc­tion of investments in watershed services as well as the ecological infrastructure from which they flow. The report counts at least 205 programs (up from 103 in 2008) that in 2011 collectively generated US $8.17 billion in investments, an increase of nearly $2 billion above 2008 levels.

WASHINGTON, D.C., 17 January, 2013: The number of initiatives that protect and restore forests, wetlands, and other water-rich ecosystems has nearly doubled in just four years as governments urgently seek sustainable alternatives to costly industrial infrastructure, according to a new report from Forest Trends’ Ecosystem Marketplace. The report, State of Watershed Payments 2012, is a comprehensive inventory of initiatives around the world that are paying individuals and communities to revive or preserve water-friendly features of the landscape. Such features include wetlands, streams, and forests that can capture, filter, and store freshwater.
For example, authorities in China are providing new health insurance benefits to 108,000 residents in struggling communities that lie upstream of the bustling southern coastal city of Zhuhai in exchange for adopting land management practices that will improve drinking water for the region. The program is just one among many such efforts underway in China. As documented in the report, China accounts for 91 percent of the watershed investments in 2011.
Experts of Forest Trends’ Ecosystem Marketplace state that investments in watershed services emerging in both the developed and developing world are a "powerful new source for financing conservation”—and also a way to provide new "green” income opportunities for rural communities.

Further information about the study you may find here.
You can download the study here.
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