Interim report of UK Ecosystem Markets Task Force released

The Ecosystem Markets Task Force published its Interim Report on November 6, 2012. The report sets out the aims of the Task Force, its emerging thinking on why nature should matter to business and the potential opportunities for business from valuing nature correctly.

06/11/2012, London - The goods and services that nature provides, natural assets like water, crops, pollination and biodiversity underpin the success of every business. The increasing pressure on resources and our natural environment is already opening up fresh risks, but also potentially significant opportunities for business in brand new and developing markets.

The Task Force is focusing further work in the lead up to its final report into four areas, which it believes to have high value both for nature and business: (1) the water cycle; (2) the food cycle; (3) markets for carbon and nature; and (4), natural capital – resource scarcity and resilience.

In its final report, the Task Force will develop a set of recommendations for Government and business: setting out practical suggestions for business to pursue. It will make recommendations for Government where intervention would assist in the creation of new markets, enhancing opportunities for growth and the environment.

The Task Force would like to engage as many businesses and other stakeholders as possible to help shape the ‘business view’ to Government in this important area. In the coming weeks discussion papers on our four areas of focus will be available on this website.

The Final Report of the Task Force will be published in early 2013.

Click here to read the original article and to download the interim report.
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