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Today most of the rural parts are becoming deserts due to climate shift issues. The farmers migrating to urban habitations in search of livelihoods by leaving agriculture. The situation is alarming in many parts of India. There would be severe food shortage problem in near future in the countries like highly populated India & China. Keeping in view the alarming situation we have come up with some alternate income generating sustainable agriculture projects to economically support the farming community through various adaptive measures. We have proposed to take up different climate resilient alternate crops such as medicinal, aromatic, natural dyes & gum yielding plantations attached with processing industries. There is huge global demand for such products. We are also concentrating on high value timber species such as red sanders, sandal wood, rose wood etc.

Motivation, objectives and target groups

Main concentration is towards sustainable initiatives through motivating the communities at gross route level. In many parts of India the farmers are leaving agriculture. In such case it has to be considered as top priority to convert them back towards sustainable development initiatives by providing innovative techniques. We have Humpty number of such business plans to economically support the rural communities. According to the available date 70% of the Indian Population are depending on agriculture. In such case if they stop doing agriculture what will be the fate of highly populated India. Hence, considering the real field level situations we have come up with different solutions to create sustainable livelihoods. We are looking for international collaborations who can financially support our sustainable initiatives.


Growing Green Life - Adding Millions of Plants an Year to our Mother Earth for Millions to Survive on this Creative Planet - Sustaining the Earth & It's Elements - Creating Sustainable Livelihoods - Conserving Bio Diversity & Nature - Creating Awareness on Various Sustainable Measures & Global Warming Effects - Involving the Communities at Gross Route Level in to various Eco Friendly Projects - Encouraging Renewable Energy Technologies - Promoting Seeds & Seedling Banks - Encouraging Organic Farming etc.

Project results

There is good change and the communities are progressing towards organic ways in all walks of life. People are shifting towards sustainable activities with clear vision. Involving the communities in forming the conservation clubs through awareness. If our efforts continue there would be lot of change towards protecting our Mother Earth & Preserving the Nature's Elements to our future generations. Let us join hands to further our initiatives to leave a clean & green atmosphere to our future generations.

Countries affected

United Kingdom India


5 Years


50 Million USD


Looking for Global Financial Collaborations

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