Environmental Management System at CEPSA

Project summary

CEPSA was a pioneer in Spain implementing ISO 14001 and EMAS in oil refining and petrochemical production. CEPSA is committed to reducing environmental impacts to the minimum, and it has implemented a range of mechanisms to comply with this commitment including the preservation of the nature in the locations where it develops activities in order to get a positive net effect concerning biodiversity and ecosystems. CEPSA has published a biodiversity high level internal standard in 2009 but it has not yet been included into the environmental management systems. CEPSA received some technical assistance through comments to the draft standard on biodiversity done by the IUCN Mediterranean office. Birds, vertebrates and botanic baseline have been considered in the Environmental Performance Report.

Motivation, objectives and target groups

The motivation to implement environmental management systems was to fit company's environmental commitments and achieve the company's goals, to gain a competitive advantage over the competitors and to anticipate legislative constraints.

The general target is to get a net positive effect in biodiversity around Cepsa locations. Particular targets are not yet developed. Studies are developed by consulting firms and universities.


CEPSA elaborates and publishes a high level standard on biodiversity and communicate to business managers the new standard. CEPSA elaborates a common methodology standard for the management of the biodiversity in CEPSA Group including insertion of biodiversity targets into de EMS’s. (2011-2012)
Cepsa rises the number of news about biodiversity, both in internal and external communication media. CEPSA organises actions in order to raise awareness of local biodiversity issues to local managers and employees: corporate environmental volunteers, spot news in electronic bulletins, etc.

Project results

The main achievements so far are elaborating and publishing a high level standard on biodiversity. Cepsa received funds to make specifically actions in favour of biodiversity and to integrate the biodiversity protection as a regular environmental management concept.

Countries affected

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