Environmental Management at Vaude

Project summary

Vaude is a European family-run company and an environmentally friendly outdoor supplier. It takes its social and environmental responsibility very seriously. The incorporate this vision in all three of their business segments: Mountain Sports, Bike Sports and Packs ‘n Bags. Since 2008 VAUDE has been EMAS and ISO 14.001 certified. Its goal is to become Europe’s most ecological outdoor supplier by the year 2015.

Motivation, objectives and target groups

The three main motivations are:
1. To fit your company’s environmental commitments and achieve your goals
2. Gain a competitive advantage over your competitors
3. Anticipate legislative constraints
The environmental management system mainly aims to reduce the impact of the products and the production, in addition to reducing the impact of the factory and offices in Germany.
Because the customers use the products in nature, decreasing the impact of products and productions is the target group.


- Protection and extension of green facades at the factory in Obereisenbach in Germany.
- Ecological restoration of the inner yard at the factory in Obereisenbach in Germany.
- VAUDE Vietnam should be ISO 14001 certified by 2012 as well as certified by the bluesign – standard.
- Increase the number of bluesign-certified suppliers.
- 100% Bio & Fair Trade Cotton for all products in summer 2012
- Promote use of bicycles among staff to save 25.000 km driven by car
- Developing solar power cells in backpacks to charge mobile phones and other small electrical devises for customers
- Initiative to promote recycling of products (End of Life)

Project results

- Rainwater is collected in two ponds on the company premises creating a biotope for amphibians and a pleasant outdoor break space for employees.
- The percentage of Bluesign products (with a low environmental impact) for the 2012 collection is 35%
- 58% of all cotton products are Green Shape organic cotton products

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