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Project summary

The Isle of Mainau is situated in the Lake Constance, the lake between Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The Island is a popular destination for day tourists who mainly come to visit the gardens.
Since 1998 the Island has implemented the environmental management system (EMS) EMAS. Since then, it has implemented numerous measures to reduce its environmental impact and to improve biodiversity.

Motivation, objectives and target groups

The two main motivations are:
1. To fit the company’s environmental commitments and achieve its goals
2. To gain a competitive advantage over their competitors

The current environmental programme mainly aims to protect birds and bats. The development of the organic fruit and wine production is another important goal.

The target group is the visitors that come to the Isle of Mainau.


-Obligation for external service providers to use organic hydraulic oil (Code of Conduct for service providers).
-Installation of 30 nesting boxes for birds and bats – maintenance in collaboration with a large German environmental NGO (NABU).
-Sustainable forestry: Continuation of the Certification of the Mainau Forest according to FSC Standard.
-Protection of insects by increase of insect friendly street lights.
-Increase of regional products.
-Increase of bio-degradable souvenirs on sale.
-Certification of Mainau restaurants according to EU Standard for Organic Food. (continuously since 2004)
-Integration of biodiversity in information for visitors and in background information.
-More measures can be found in the .pdf file.

Project results

-Protection and increase of biodiversity, especially water birds and bats.
-Positive feedback from visitors.
-Interest from other companies to learn more about our efforts.

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