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The Organisation was registered NGO as per Indian Government rules & regulations in the year 1998. Since then we are working on various environment related programs. We have team of experts from diversified fields with commitment towards sustainable development. We have been working for the past decade in the fields of medicinal, aromatic, natural dyes & gum yielding plantations as climate resilient crops in the drought prone regions of Andhra Pradesh, India. We have acquired suitable land bank of about 100 acres to set up an ecological & Bio Diversity Conservation Center on Global Standards. Looking for International Financial Collaborations.


Initiating massive scale of high value Timber Species such a as Red Sanders, Sandal Wood, Rose Wood etc., plantations to meet the global needs. Promoting Medicinal, Aromatic, Natural Dyes & Gum Yielding Plantations as Climate Resilient Crops in the Drought Prone Regions of Andhra Pradesh, India. Due to climate shift issues many of the villages are becoming deserts and the farmers are migrating to urban habitations by leaving agriculture in search of livelihoods. We have to arrest this situation otherwise there would be severe food shortage problem in near future. Let all of us focus on it by providing them alternate income sources through various means in addition to the routine agriculture. Let us join hands and promote alternate sustainable development projects under cluster approach with value addition & Process industries.

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Today most of the rural parts are becoming deserts due to climate shift issues. The farmers migrating to urban habitations in search of livelihoods by leaving agriculture. The situation is alarming in...
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