The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)

Developing guidelines and decision support tools around the measuring and managing of ecosystems and ecosystem services, is a key priority for the Ecosystem Focus Area of the WBCSD.

In collaboration with experts from institutions such as the World Resource Institute (WRI) and IUCN, WBCSD works to support the business license of member companies to operate, innovate and grow. This involves proactively addressing business risks associated with ecosystem degradation and the loss of ecosystem services and promoting the development and uptake of best practices and market-based approaches that support the sustainable management and use of ecosystems services. 

WBCSD has developed a number of publications and tools. For example more than 200 companies have used and implemented the "Corporate Ecosystem Services Review” developed by WBCSD, WRI and the Meridian Institute, which helps business identify the risks and opportunities arising from their company’s dependence of and impact on ecosystems.

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