SMEs in the Netherlands discuss the relevance of biodiversity

Triple E, a consultancy, organised two regional forums in June 2012. Both were held in the province of Gelderland, which hosts the Veluwe, the largest forest in the Netherlands. Together, the two events hosted about 110 participants that discussed what is currently done to protect biodiversity by SMEs in the region. The events also focused on what can be done in the future.

The happy buyers of the first Veluwe Voucher:
Midgetgolf Terra Nova in Putten.

Vaassen/Ede, July 11, 2012
Regional Forum in Vaassen Gelderland

On June 19 a regional forum  was organised in Vaassen in the province of Gelderland in the Netherlands. It was a jointly organised between Triple E, "Geldersch Landschap”, "Landschap Overijssel en "VNO-NCW Midden” , the Dutch employers’ organisation in the region. The title of the meeting was: "Green growth in Eastern Netherlands: a chance for your company?”

About 40 participants from small and medium-sized companies listened to lectures on the relation between business and biodiversity for SMEs in the region and participated in the discussion. The event included contributions from companies that already have a positive impact on biodiversity by for example using green bio-based materials for the production of paints or paper, or the construction of eco-passages (wildlife bridges).

Launch of the VeluweVoucher

The second regional forum was held on June 22. It was combined with the launch of the VeluweVoucher. The event took place in the Cinemec in Ede in the Province of Gelderland. About 70 hotel and recreation entrepreneurs with an interest in protecting regional biodiversity, were present.

The VeluweVouchers represent a small value of 5 to 50 Euros that can be given to customers or company relations. The receiver of the voucher can support a nature or a landscape project on the Veluwe nature area by activating the unique code on the website In this way, companies and their customers and relations contribute to the beauty and biodiversity of the Veluwe. After a presentation on the importance of the biodiversity of the Veluwe for companies the first vouchers were sold in the form of a landscape auction. Highest first bidder and first customer was Midgetgolf Terra Nova in Putten.
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