Biodiversity in the Food Supply Chain

The food processing industry and the food retail industry do not have many direct effects on biodiversity and ecosystem services. They can however have a large influence in their supply chain, that often includes many suppliers and that can be several levels deep. How biodiversity aspects can be integrated in the procurement process was shown during the workshop on June 20th 2012 that was organised by the Global Nature Fund and the Lake Constance Foundation, together with the German company REWE Group.

The workshop, hosted jointly the REWE Group, Global Nature Fund and Lake Constance Foundation brought together 70 representatives from the food retail industry, food processing industry, food trading companies and label organisations as well as producers and suppliers of agricultural commodities and experts from government agencies, NGOs and science.

Key questions discussed were:

Programme of the workshop
Programme of the Workshop "Biodiversity in the Food Supply Chain"
IntroductionBiodiversity and Ecosystem Services: Challenges for the Food and Retail Sector
Axel Paulsch, Helmholtz-Centre for Environmental Research, UFZ

Biodiversity Requirements of Standards and Certification Schemes
Sharon Brooks, UNEP – World Conservation Monitoring Centre
Biodiversity in Standards and Certification Schemes
Biodiversity and SAN Standard
Juan Marco Alvarez, Rainforest Alliance

Biodiversity and the Marine Stewardship Council
Katja Willeke, MSC
Biodiversity in Store Brands
 Spot Analysis for Pro Planet-Products
 Josef Lüneburg-Wolthaus, REWE Group

 Biodiversity Footprint for Dairy Products
 Christian Schader, FiBL

 Sustainable Agriculture Code (SAC)
 Boris Rafalski, Unilever
Breakout Session A

Lessons learned from using Labels for Biodiversity Management in the Supply Chain
Results of the working group A
Nicola Tanaskovic, REWE Group
Patrick Trötschler, Lake Constance Foundation
Breakout Session B
 Biodiversity Management in the Supply Chain
 Uwe Beständig, Leuphana University Lüneburg
Breakout Session C
Assessment of Biodiversity Risks for different Product Groups (presentation)
Results of the working group C
Claudia Staub, coop Suisse
Summary of the workshop and next steps
Summary and next steps of the workshop "Biodiversity in the Food Supply Chain"
Background Information
FAO Guidelines: "Sustainability Assessment of Food and Agriculture systems"

CBD Review of the biodiversity requirements of standards and certification schemes

Article "Trade impacts on and Biodiversity"

BioBio Report on agricultural biodiversity indicators

Report "Biodiversität im unternehmerischen Nachhaltigkeitsmanagement - Chancen und Ansätze für Einkauf, Marketing und Liegenschaftsmanagement" (in German)

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