Landscape Auctions

Landscape Auction - An investment tool for nature

Triple E developed the Landscape Auction to meet a current discrepancy between a shortage of capital to sufficiently protect biodiversity on the one hand, and the willingness of others to contribute to safeguarding our natural environment on the other hand.

The Landscape Auction is a marketplace and connects nature organisations and farmers responsible for the maintenance of our landscape and biological diversity with other parties interested to financially support the conservation, restoration and/or sustainable use of particular landscape elements.

Landscape Auctions are open for anyone interested from multinationals to schools, and from individuals to service clubs, offering a chance to place a bid for the landscape of their liking. Whether a hectare of rainforest, the habitat of a jaguar, an orchard, the river course for a fresh water dolphin: you support what you find important and would like to see protected.

Video Impressions of a Landscape Auction 

Get some informative views on the youtube video of a "landscape auction" in the Netherlands.

Upcoming Events:

Until the end of 2012 the EBBC will organise numerous Landscape Auctions in Spain, Germany and the Netherlands.

Next Landscape Auctions:
  • 8 November 2012 on Texel, the Netherlands
  • 28 November 2012 in the Netherlands

Past Activities:

1. First Landscape Auction in Germany (Nuremberg), June 2010

2. First Landscape Auction in the Netherlands (Friesland), September 2010 (Information in Dutch)

3. Second Landscape Auction in Germany (Ravensburg), October 2010

4. First Landscape Aution in Spain (Madrid), October 2010
 (Information in Spanish)

5. Second Landscape Auction in the Netherlands (Wageningen), March 2011

 (Information in Dutch)

6. Second Landscape Auction in Spain (Valencia), March 2011

7. Third Landscape Auction in the Netherlands (De Peel), April 2011

8. Third Landscape Auction in Germany (Baienfurt), October 2011

9. Third Landscape Auction in Spain (Sevilla), September 2012

Any questions? Interested to organise a Landscape Auction as a company or nature organisation? Do you own a beautiful piece of land and are you looking for financial support for the maintenance? Or interested to participate in a Landscape Auction?

For further information, please contact: Simone Blok, Triple E

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