Landscape Auctions

Landscape Auction - An investment tool for nature

Triple E developed the Landscape Auction to meet a current discrepancy between a shortage of capital to sufficiently protect biodiversity on the one hand, and the willingness of others to contribute to safeguarding our natural environment.

The Landscape Auction is a marketplace and connects nature organisations and farmers responsible for the maintenance of our landscape, biological diversity and (cultural) with other parties interested to financially support the conservation, restoration and/or sustainable use of particular landscape elements

Landscape Auctions are open for anyone interested from multinationals to schools, and from individuals to service clubs, offering a chance to place a bid for the landscape of their liking. Whether a hectare of rainforest, the habitat of a jaguar, an orchard, the river course for a sweet water dolphin: you support what you find important and would like to see protected.


Upcoming Events:

Until the end of 2012 the EBBC will organise numerous Landscape Auctions in Spain, Germany and the Netherlands

Past Activities:


Video Impressions of a Landscape Auction

Click here to get some first impressions of a "landscape auction" in The Netherlands.


Any questions? Interested to organise a Landscape Auction as a company or nature organisation? Do you own a beautiful piece of land and are you looking for financial support for the maintenance? Or interested to participate in a Landscape Auction?

For further information, please contact: Simone Blok, Triple E

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