The Business Case for Biodiversity

Biodiversity is your business - because it's everyone's business

Conserving biodiversity worldwide makes good business sense and therefore it also requires that the private sector does its part. Biodiversity will become more and more relevant as a risk, as societal expectations and government regulations with regard to biodiversity management increase. 

If corporations manage their biodiversity-related risks effectively, they may benefit from a competitive advantage in accessing resources, capital and markets. Furthermore, companies that go beyond expectations and regulations, or that exploit the increasing market for "greener” products and services, may benefit from first mover advantage. 

Taking biodiversity into account helps to reduce corporate risks and exploring business opportunities: 
  • Physical opportunities and risks
  • Regulatory and legal risks and opportunities
  • Market risks and opportunities
  • Reputational and financing risks and opportunities

Key messages
  • Businesses play a vital role in the protection of biodiversity.
  • Taking biodiversity into account helps mitigating the corporate risks and opening up opportunities. 

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A Simple Explanation of Business & Biodiversity!

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