We are losing nature's assets

Why is biodiversity so critical?

The higher the biodiversity in an environment is, the more organisms live there. Groups of organisms that interact with their physical environment in a specific area are called an ecosystem. Ecosystems are often clearly recognisable (dunes, forests, meadows, backyards). Even artificial and urban environments are called ecosystems.

All ecosystems provide goods and services which are called ecosystem services. Examples include timber, water purification and erosion control. Businesses depend directly or indirectly on ecosystems for instance through their operations or procurement chain.  

We are just one of 13 million species living on this planet. Biological diversity is not only the basis for human existence but also in many ways a critical prerequisite and asset for most aspects of our economic activities. 

Ecosystems and businesses are interlinked. Entrepreneurial activities not only affect our species and ecosystems, they often also depend on these resources provided to us for free like fresh air and water, food, wood, minerals an so on. At the same time, enterprises profit from biodiversity indirectly, for example in the fields of flood protection and erosion control.

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A Simple Explanation of Business & Biodiversity!

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