Business and Biodiversity - Chances and Risks for individual Industries

Biodiversity is key to ecosystem services and therefore of utmost importance for diverse economic activities. Below you find sector-specific risks and chances, best practice examples and fact sheets for the integration of biodiversity in business management.

Food & Agrciculture

The food industry currently faces a multitude of challenges: a growing population needs to be fed, while impacts of climate change and nature degradation intensify production risks. Find out more about the food & agricultural industry’s risks and chances here.


Along the path of raw material extraction over production and use to waste management of automobiles there are a range of ecological impacts of high relevance to biodiversity conservation. Find out more about automotive industry’s risks and chances here.


How will tourism be effected, if coral reefs increasingly degrade and may soon completely disappear due to climate change? What is the economic value of a clean beach or climbing walls surrounded by a beautiful landscape? Find out more about the tourism industry’s risks and chances here.


The worldwide expansion of cities is one of the main reasons for a decrease in biodiversity and accelerates this decline by the overuse of natural resources, emissions and the degradation and destruction of ecosystems. Cities and communities are using the capacities of ecosystems in many forms. You can find more information about the chances and risks of urban life here.

Cosmetics & Pharmaceutical

The pharmaceutical and cosmic industries rely on the genetic diversity and biodiversity. Since most of their row materials derive from nature, the increasing loss of biodiversity impacts their resources. Find out more about automotive industry’s risks and chances here.

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