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Relations of the automotive sector to biodiversity are multifaceted and expand along the value creation chain. Along the path of raw material extraction over production and use to waste management of automobiles there are a range of ecological impact

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Conservation Finance - From Niche to Mainstream: The Building of an Institutional Asset Class
In this new report, which Credit Suisse developed together with the McKinsey Center for Business and Environment, the authors would like to propose a toolkit for substantially growing the investment that flows into the conservation sector, illustrated by a few concrete ideas that we deem to be scalable, repeatable, and investable. Implementing these ideas will require strong collaboration between the financial and environmental communities to find new and creative ways of solving the financial structuring and conservation challenges at hand.

State of Forest Carbon Finance 2015 - Report
Companies and governments that put a value on the carbon stored in the world’s remaining forests are ramping up results-based finance for those assets, according to Ecosystem Marketplace’s State of Forest Carbon Finance 2015 report, launched last week.

ISO management system and biodiversity
The guideline is designed to address companies of all sizes and commercial sectors that employ a management system. The guideline is designed to be process-orientated and provides information on aims, measures and key statistics that are relevant to (almost) all business sectors.

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